About Us


Americatel provides innovative, affordable, convenient and easy-to-use telephone, and communications services. Americatel is the leading provider of telecommunication services to ethnic businesses and consumers in the United States. The company also works with international long-distance carriers and Internet service providers transacting with the world's emerging economies. We offer high levels of satisfaction to every customer by understanding their needs and cultures, providing exceptional value and delivering reliable communication services.

Building on that tradition, Americatel is dedicated to being the leading provider of communication services to communities around the globe. Americatel services connect worldwide communities through a flexible network of owned and leased facilities, operating and termination agreements, and resale arrangements. Americatel's technology assets include an extensive network of IP gateways, international gateways, domestic switches and ownership in undersea fiber optic cables. Americatel Corporation services consumers in North America through its Americatel brand and through its wholly owned subsidiary, Startec Global Communications.

Americatel branded services primarily target Hispanic consumers in the United States. Services range from the highly recognized 1010-123 dial around service to the rapidly growing Acesso Celular and LíneaPaís services.

Startec branded services are targeted primarily to non-Hispanic consumers throughout the United States and Canada. The key markets it serves are of Asian, European and Middle Eastern origin. Startec markets a range of dial around as well as Direct Dial and CellConnect services.

Americatel's combined technological expertise and customer service focus make it the company ethnic customers worldwide can trust with their important calls.

AmericaTel® Corporation is owned by Impact Telecom, a full-service telecommunications company offering flexible and effective solutions to carriers, businesses and homes through its family of brands. Impact is committed to delivering the highest quality services at the most competitive rates. With billions of minutes carried on its network each month and decades of industry expertise throughout the organization, Impact has an understanding of the challenges customers face selecting a telecommunications provider. Impact Telecom focuses on customer service, technology innovation and operational efficiency.